The main part is the arena! Join it by clicking the button "Join the arena" at the top of the page. There you can find up to 20 players/Npcs.

Fight the enemies by clicking on their target. Their border-color should now change to orange. To attack them, press "start attack" at the bottom, or use the Hotkey "Q". As soon as their life hits 0 you will get some reward!

Use the functions on this main page to make your account even stronger!

To get further weapons go to shop and then weapons. Each weapon has a different accuracy and reload time.

After you bought your weapon, go to character and then equipment. Firstly don't forget that! They won't have any effect if you don't equip them. Secondly you can only do that while you are not in the arena.

But keep in mind, that each further weapon will use more ammo, so keep an eye on your ammo stock so you don't run out of ammo during a fight!

This brings more diversity into your game! Credits are fairly easy to get, therefore the currency for the start. Cryptos are harder to get, so you'll get much better items with Cryptos. So save those up and become the strongest!
And to be honest: It gives us great oportunities in designing the game even further! The satoshi you earn are only for your payout.

In a competition you can fight against other players to win the rewards of a competition. In every competition there is a goal set (e. g. earn most XP). Try to collect the most points towards this goal to win the competition! If you get killed during the competition, you may loose earned points (the death penalty).

There is one special type: PvP Competitions. You can find them by the goal "Survive the longest". For those competitions, there is only a starttime. Make sure to be a little bit earlier in the arena. You can join 10 minutes before the start into the competition arena. In the PvP Competition every enemy is anonymized, so you do not know who you are fighting. Make sure to survive the longest to get the rewards!

The competition is a time restricted event where you only have some hours to compete in it.

Each ammo deals a different base damage, for example the DoS attack has a base damage of 6, Cloud Attack has a base damage of 30. Some ammo is bought with Credits, other is bought with Cryptos.

You will use 1 ammo per shot per weapon. For example if you have 20 weapons equipped, you will use 20 Ammo.

Use a Medipack to regenerate 1000 Hitpoints. But you can only use a Medipack every 25 seconds! Use the Medipack to live longer and get the edge in an hard fight. They are especially useful in Competitions, where every lost life counts!

Arenalevel: 1, passive, 100 HP
Reward: 5 XP, 75 Credits
Arenalevel: 1-2, passive, 250 HP
Reward: 12 XP, 250 Credits
Arenalevel: 1-4, passive, 350 HP
Reward: 21 XP, 350 Credits
Arenalevel: 2-4, offensive, 400 HP
Reward: 25 XP, 400 Credits
Arenalevel: 2-6, offensive, 1,000 HP
Reward: 50 XP, 950 Credits
Arenalevel: 3-8, aggressive, 200 HP
Reward: 12 XP, 200 Credits
Arenalevel: 5-9, offensive, 800 HP
Reward: 45 XP, 750 Credits
Arenalevel: 5-10, offensive, 2,000 HP
Reward: 111 XP, 2,250 Credits
Arenalevel: 7-12, aggressive, 450 HP
Reward: 30 XP, 7 Cryptos
Arenalevel: 9-13, aggressive, 1,200 HP
Reward: 80 XP, 19 Cryptos
Arenalevel: 10-13, offensive, 2,200 HP
Reward: 140 XP, 36 Cryptos
Arenalevel: 11-14, offensive, 8,000 HP
Reward: 500 XP, 133 Cryptos (distributed by damage)
Arenalevel: 13-18, passive, 30,000 HP
Reward: 1,500 XP, 40,000 Credits (distributed by damage)
Arenalevel: 14-16, aggressive, 4,000 HP
Reward: 250 XP, 4,500 Credits (distributed by damage)
Arenalevel: 14-16, offensive, 6,000 HP
Reward: 350 XP, 6,500 Credits (distributed by damage)
Arenalevel: 15-18, aggressive, 5,000 HP
Reward: 285 XP, 5,500 Credits (distributed by damage)
Brute Force
Arenalevel: 17+19 , aggressive, 12,000 HP
Reward: 750 XP, 200 Cryptos (distributed by damage)
Arenalevel: 17+19, offensive, 25,000 HP
Reward: 1550 XP, 400 Cryptos (distributed by damage)
Arenalevel: 18, passive, 1,000,000 HP, spawns Uruburos
Reward: 120,000 XP, 1,000,000 Credits, 7,000 Cryptos, Chance for a Creditnet (distributed by damage)
Arenalevel: 18, aggressive, 15,000 HP, spawned by Scorpion
Reward: 1,500 XP, 20,000 Credits (distributed by damage)
Arenalevel: 18, offensive, 20,000 HP
Reward: 1,850 XP, 27,500 Credits (distributed by damage)
Arenalevel: 18, aggressive, 3,000 HP
Reward: 130 XP, 2,000 Credits (distributed by damage)
Arenalevel: 19, offensive, 300,000 HP
Reward: 50 Satoshi (Last Hit), 40,000 XP, 2,500 Cryptos (distributed by damage)
Arenalevel: 19, aggressive, 4,000 HP
Reward: 150 XP, 60 Cryptos (distributed by damage)
Arenalevel: 19, offensive, 40,000 HP
Reward: 2,500 XP, 615 Cryptos (distributed by damage)
Arenalevel: 19, passive, 70,000 HP
Reward: 4,000 XP, 875 Cryptos (distributed by damage)

Sometimes and in higher arenalevels, you can find more enemies. But we do not have sufficient information on them. You have to find it out yourself!

On the left side there is a target that marks him as a player. On the right side, you see a badge according to the Prestigerank of a player. For more information regarding Prestigeranks view the question "What are Prestigeranks?"

Damage: (Base Damage of Ammo) * (Amount of Weapons equipped) * (Average Accuracy of equipped Weapons) * (1 + Damage Skill Bonus) * (1 - Defence Skill Bonus of Victim).
If your Hit is a critical hit, the damage result is multiplied by (1.2 + Critical Hit Skill Bonus).
The Chance for a critical hit only determined by your Critical Hit Skill.

Hitpoints: (2000 + Hitpoints from Firewalls) * Hitpoints Skill Bonus

Earning Money

You earn Satoshi by playing! Find exploits and kill other players to earn satoshi. But you will earn the most satoshi for winning competitions.
Just go to the "Satoshi" Page and request your payout there! We process them currently manually. You can choose between getting your money directly in your wallet or using Expresscrypto.

Improving in your Game

You can now jump between every arenalevel you want, until you reach your max arenalevel. Your max arenalevel is your current level, which you can see on the main page. The maximum arenalevel you can go is 21.

To get you going, we deactivated pvp in arenalevel 1 in every arenalevel above, pvp is activated. So if you just have started, arenalevel 1 might be your choice. But if you risk more you'll get higher rewards. So get your weapons going, to survive!

Your level is based on your XP:
Level 1: from 0 XP
Level 2: from 100 XP
Level 3: from 200 XP
Level 4: from 400 XP
Level 5: from 800 XP
Level 6: from 1,600 XP
Level 7: from 3,200 XP
Level 8: from 6,400 XP
Level 9: from 12,800 XP
Level 10: from 25,600 XP
Level 11: from 51,200 XP
Level 12: from 102,400 XP
Level 13: from 204,800 XP
Level 14: from 409,600 XP
Level 15: from 819,200 XP
Level 16: from 1,638,400 XP
Level 17: from 3,276,800 XP
Level 18: from 6,553,600 XP
Level 19: from 13,107,200 XP
Level 20: from 26,214,400 XP
Level 21: from 52,428,800 XP
Level 22: from 104,857,600 XP
Level 23: from 209,715,200 XP
Level 24: from 419,430,400 XP
Level 25: from 838,860,800 XP
Level 26: from 1,677,721,600 XP
Level 27: from 3,355,443,200 XP
Level 28: from 6,710,886,400 XP
Level 29: from 13,421,772,800 XP
Level 30: from 26,843,545,600 XP

Your Prestigerank shows how dominant you are in the arena. For more information regarding your current prestigerank and the calculation of your Prestigerankpoints visit this page

We have 20 different Prestigeranks. Only a few per cent of the active players achieve a certain Prestigerank. It shows your performance in comparison to other players. These are our Ranks:

Only 1 player
Chief Hacker
0.01 % of active players
Senior Hacker
0.1 % of active players
0.5 % of active players
Chief Cracker
1 % of active players
1.5 % of active players
Chief Miner
2 % of active players
Senior Miner
2.5 % of active players
3 % of active players
Junior Miner
3.5 % of active players
Chief Sniffer
4 % of active players
Senior Sniffer
4.5 % of active players
5 % of active players
Junior Sniffer
6 % of active players
Micro Sniffer
7 % of active players
Chief Newbee
8 % of active players
Senior Newbee
9 % of active players
10 % of active players
Junior Newbee
12,39 % of active players
Micro Newbee
20 % of active players

All players that logged in at least once in the last 30 days are considered as active players.


Accuracy: 30%, Reload Time: 3.5 Seconds
Buyable in the shop for 100 Credits
Accuracy: 50%, Reload Time: 5 Seconds
Buyable in the shop for 1,000 Credits
Accuracy: 70%, Reload Time: 3 Seconds
Buyable in the shop for 7,000 Cryptos
Accuracy: 70%, Reload Time: 2 Seconds
Can only be obtained during events and from Darknet Beta.


+40 Maximum Hitpoints
Buyable in the shop for 1,000 Credits
+80 Maximum Hitpoints
Buyable in the shop for 50,000 Credits
+120 Maximum Hitpoints
Buyable in the shop for 7,000 Cryptos
+200 Maximum Hitpoints
Can only be obtained during events.

High Level players cannot attack players in low arenalevels. You can only attack other players in arenalevels that are 7 levels below your level. For example: As a level 16 player, you can attack players in arenalevel 9 or higher but you cannot attack players in arenalevel 8.

But there is one exception: From arenalevel 12 on upwards, you can always attack other players - no matter what your level is.

To make this feature more convenient, we added an instant jump to arenalevel 12 from arenalevel 1 for all players that can access arenalevel 12.


An association is a group of players fighting together to become even stronger. With an association you find other friendly players that will help you or that you can help. In an association you have a special chat to only write iwth your association, get to know each other better and coordinate your activities. You can always join open associations or apply to join other associations. You can always create your own association, but keep in mind that creating your own association costs you 100,000 Credits. Each association can have up to 25 members.
In an association there are 3 roles members can have:
- Leader: The Leader has all permissions in the association. He can change all the details of the association and even delete it. He is the only person to change roles of members or kick members.
- CoLeader: The CoLeaders can manage applications and diplomacy but cannot change the fundamental details of an association. He can also withdraw Satoshi from the Satoshi Bank
- Member: A Member has no permissions to change the association.
If you are the Association Leader, you have three options to select who can join your Association. This is called the Entry Status. You have three options available:
- Open: Everyone can instantly join your association
- Application: Everyone can apply to join your association. You and your CoLeaders can decide who to accept and who to decline
- Closed: No one can join your association
With associations you can formally declare your diplomacy status with other associations. This will mark players as friends or enemies in the arena and give you further options. You can choose between the following options:
- Nonaggression Pact: You formally declare peace with another association. This will mark players yellow in the arena. You can still attack them if needed.
- Ally: This equals peace plus partnership. Players will be marked green in the arena. You cannot attack your allies. You also get a special chat channel to write with all your allies.
- War: You formally declare war to another association. Enemy players will be marked red in the arena. A war always has a kill goal to reach. Whoever reaches to required amount of kills first, will win the war and receive war points for the association war ranking.
If you declare war to another association, you have to choose a size of the war, this specifies the kill goal to reach. Whoever reaches the required amount of enemy kills first, will win the war and will gain association war points. Association war points are important for the Association War Ranking, these will show how successful your association is. Keep in mind that you can only start an association war with an association every 7 days. The following sizes are available:
Name Kill Goal Association War Points
Short 50 1
Normal 150 2
Long 400 4
Extreme 1,000 7

Relaystations are special Stations in arenalevel 15, 17 and 19, that can be captured by any association by attacking them. If captured, each Relaystation has a special bonus for your association - including Satoshi! If you captured it and want to repair it, just continue attacking it.

If captured, the Relaystations give your Association the following bonus:

- Relaystation Red: + 5% Accuracy, +10% Playerkillpoints, +1 Satoshi every three minutes into the associatoin's satoshi bank
- Relaystation Yellow: + 10% Defence, +1 Satoshi every three minutes into the association's satoshi bank
- Relaystation Blue: + 10% XP Bonus, +2 Satoshi every three minutes into the association's satoshi bank

The Satoshi rewards are credited to your association's satoshi bank as soon as the Relaystation is captured by another association.

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